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    Six Habits of Deeply Miserable People

    The fact is that many of us sleepwalk through life, totally unaware that actually, we’re not happy at all.
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    This is Why People Refuse to Practice Social Distancing

    I’m spending more of my days scrolling through IG stories of cooked meals, workouts, and insane memes.
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    How to Intentionally “Slow-Boil” Into Your Desired Future Self

    A friend of mine recently told me he was getting divorced from his wife.
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    How Ignorance is a Hidden Blessing When it Comes to Self-Improvement

    I’m going to praise ignorance and lack of knowledge as a way to improve your life.
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    The Five Midday Rituals That Prevent Me From Burning Out

    While I was still working in Italy, I passed out during an important meeting.
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    From Showers to Oceans: How Being Near Water Promotes Wellness

    Water is the elixir of life as we know it. Where there is one, the other must exist.
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    Daily Habits of Genuinely Happy People

    So we now live with this idea: “When X happens, I’ll be happy.”
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    How I Chunk Tasks Together to Improve My Health, Time and Productivity

    When I’m stressed, I become easily distracted.
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    What Bryan Cranston Taught Me About Pursuing My Passion

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Bryan Cranston’s work.